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How to Sell Your Car for Parts

Should you sell your car for parts vs. selling to a junkyard? Find out how you can make the most money parting out your car and why selling to a junkyard may be better.
Owolabi Oluwasegun
Owolabi Oluwasegun
05/20/2022 · 8 min read
how to sell your car for parts how to sell your car for parts how to sell your car for parts

There’s nothing cool about having an old, damaged, or junk car on your property. If anything, you’re already considering calling the closest junkyard to pick it up. It is also understandable if you want to make the most money from that clunker.

You may have heard about parting out a car and wondered if it’s more profitable vs. selling to a junkyard. The short answer is, it depends. The time, energy, and resources invested into parting out a car are worth considering.

Find out how to part out your junk car before making a final decision.

What Does Parting Out a Car Mean?

Parting out a car involves taking out the valuable components and parts of the car to be sold separately. Junk car owners often do this to make the most money from their damaged vehicles.

The process often involves hiring a professional mechanic or a DIY attempt to remove parts and components like the airbag, transmission, catalytic converter, gear, etc. These parts will be sold separately to private buyers who often pay more for used parts.

In the end, the strategy is to make as much money from any junk or damaged car.

As a junk car owner, you need to consider the time and effort required to part out a car. More so, you need to consider the stress required to sell each part.

Before diving into the pros and cons of parting out your old or damaged vehicle, first, we talk about how to part out your car for cash.

How to Part Out Your Car for Cash

Parting out your car is a delicate and quite dangerous task. It is important to have the appropriate skills and knowledge to do this.

Before jumping into the ring, here are some tools you’ll need;

  • Ratchet wrench set
  • Screwdriver set
  • C-clamps or sturdy wire
  • Medium size hammer or mallet
  • Engine pulling A-frame
  • Contact wrench-a-part
  • Penetrating oil
  • Floor jack
  • Cherry picker
  • Various other hand tools

You don’t necessarily need to have all of these tools to get started. However, the more of them you have, the faster and easier it’ll be to get the job done.

You’ll also need the skills and knowledge of each car component and how to remove them. This may be the right point to contact a professional mechanic to help. If you, however, decide to proceed, ensure that you have ample space to pull it apart.

In summary, asides from the tools mentioned above, other requirements include;

  • Skills or knowledge
  • Time
  • Space

Now that you’ve ticked all of the important requirements listed above, let’s dive into parting out your car.

Valuable Car Parts to Focus On

Let’s face it, not all car parts and components are as valuable as others. Here’s a video.

Air conditioning system

Your junk car’s AC system is worth at least $2,000, depending on the car’s make and model. You already know how hard it can be driving around with a bad AC system during the summer months.

Carefully take out this part and set it aside to be sold to a willing buyer. There’s a high chance that you may sell it fast too. You can list your used auto parts on Facebook, Craigslist, Orthodox Auto Company, eBay, or other online marketplaces.


Airbags keep drivers and passengers safe during accidents. You’ll find that many car owners are interested in buying one or more. A new airbag is quite expensive, so most people buy used ones.

Your used airbag can fetch you about $400 or more.


Car batteries are one of the most sought-after items in any used auto parts store. Confirm from a nearby used car parts seller or open junkyard.

You can sell your car battery directly to a private buyer, auto parts store, auto mechanic, or list it online.


Bumpers are often damaged in accidents. This means they’re pretty much in high demand throughout the year. Carefully remove the bumper and list it online for sale. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get for it.

Catalytic converters

There’s a rising catalytic converter theft pandemic. The National Insurance Crime Bureau, NICB, reported a 325% rise in catalytic converter thefts in 2021. The prices of catalytic converters have also risen in the past year.

Catalytic converters are much coveted by thieves because of their price. You may be able to sell your car’s catalyst for $200 to $3,000.


Car doors are often affected during an accident. Those doors can fetch you good money if in good condition.


Your car won’t run without an engine. You can get good money if the engine on your junk car still runs. You may need to contact a mechanic to remove this component carefully.

Depending on the engine’s condition, you may sell it for $2,000 or more on online marketplaces like Facebook, eBay, etc.


Fenders also suffer damage during accidents. Depending on its condition, your fender may sell for $75 and above.

GPS system

The GPS in your car is valuable and can command hundreds of dollars when sold to the right buyer. Carefully take out this component and list it online for sale.


A working car radio will always sell for good money. Remember there was a time when car radio theft was at an all-time high? Yes. Everybody needs a bit of entertainment.

Carefully remove it and set it aside for sale.


Similar to the engine, the transmission on your car is worth something. Whether working or not, it can be taken apart for parts too. List the transmission online, and you can be sure to get a few dollars for the steel, aluminum, and cast iron components.


Junkyards do not fancy tires, so you’re better off selling the new tires on your junk car to a private buyer. The wheels, on the other hand, can command you good money. List it online and see how much you can sell it for.

Windshield wiper arms

Quite surprising that the windshield wiper arms are worth anything, but they are. They are fairly easy to remove and sell.

Junk car carcass

You can contact a junkyard nearby after removing the valuable parts. Most local scrap yards are interested in scrap metals and can pay a fair amount for it. You should contact two to three junkyards in your area to request a quote for the carcass.

Be sure to inform the junk yard that the car has been stripped of valuable parts. This information will help them to offer you a fair price for your junked car.

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Parting Out vs. Selling to Junkyard

Are you still undecided? The truth is that you can get a lot more money for your junk car by parting it out. However, you need a lot of time and patience to pull it through. Aside from the time, space, knowledge, and skills required to take your car apart, you also need to find the right online and offline platforms to list your car parts.

Time is also essential, as you need to entertain calls and messages from prospective buyers. In the end, you may not realize the full amount at once.

On the other hand, junkyards offer cash in hand for buying your junk or damaged car. In fact, you can close the deal as quickly as possible and at your convenience.

Before deciding:

  1. Ask yourself whether you have the time and patience required to part out your car.
  2. Decide whether you need a lump sum or a trickling flow of income.
  3. Decide whether you are comfortable having your phone buzzing with inquiries all day long.

If not, you’re better off selling that junk car to a local junkyard.


Where can I sell car parts for cash near me?

List your used auto parts online using common marketplaces like Facebook, eBay, Copart, etc. You can also contact a local junk yard or scrap yard to sell them.

Where to sell car parts online

There are many online auto parts stores on which you can list your used auto parts. You can also create ads on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, Swap Meets, etc.

Is it better to scrap a car or sell it for parts?

Both options have their pros and cons. You are better off selling for parts if the car is in a decent condition with functioning parts. It may be best to contact a junkyard if the car is rusted, damaged, flooded, or won’t run.

Is it illegal to sell a car for parts?

No. It is perfectly legal to sell your car for parts. However, you must make sure that the vehicle belongs to you. It is illegal to part out a stolen vehicle.

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