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How to Find a Junkyard Near Me

Use this guide when searching for local junkyards or junkyards near me.
Owolabi Oluwasegun
Owolabi Oluwasegun
05/27/2022 · 6 min read
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In the last two years, “near me” searches have grown by at least 150%. This data corroborates the 45% increase in searches for local content. As an internet user looking to buy or sell, the “near me” term is one of your best friends.

The location modifier, “near me,” or “nearby” term works for all search queries, including “junkyards near me,” “nearby scrap yard,” etc. It tells the search engines what to do and ensures that you get local information to aid your transaction.

If you have a piece of clunker or junk car to sell, you’re better off contacting a local junkyard nearby to complete the sale. However, how do you search for the right junkyard within your location?

This article will guide you to search locally for junkyards and scrap yards to sell your car to.

Searching for a Scrap Yard Near You

The “near me” term is a powerful search modifier. It tells the search engine a couple of things about your search intent. Some of the important information it conveys is that;

  • You’re looking for local information
  • You’re looking to establish a transaction by buying or selling
  • You’re looking to complete the transaction as soon as possible.

Local search statistics indicate that;

  • 72% of customers performing local searches visited a store within five miles.
  • 78% of local searches resulted in offline purchases.
  • 97% of local searchers learn more about local companies during this search.

You need to use the right search terms to get the best search options. For example, the perfect search term for someone looking to sell a junk car on a Sunday could be “junkyards open on Sundays near me.”

Your search term on any other day of the week could be “junkyards open near me,” “junk car removal near me,” etc.

Sometimes, searchers may ask questions like “where can I junk my car near me” or “places that buy junk cars without title near me,” this does not affect the quality of your search result, although it may affect the specific results delivered.

Steps to Search For a Local Junkyard Near You

Step 1: Search on Mobile

Your mobile phone is a powerful device with lots of functions and features. The GPS on it allows Google and search engines to tell your location. This GPS is essential to your search and search results.

Google, like every other search engine, wants to serve you better. So, it tracks your location and suggests local information based on proximity and relevance. As a junk car owner looking to sell, Google wants to bring you closer to nearby junkyards or the best junkyard that can handle your needs.

By searching for any term on google via your mobile phone, you’re presented with various information to choose from. In this case, you’re more interested in the Local 3-Pack.

The local 3-pack is the first three suggestions Google offers to you.

If you search for the “best junkyard in Philadelphia”, you’ll likely have a result similar to the one below; Google My Business Listing

In the image above, Google tries to pinpoint your location in relation to the closest junkyards in your area. It then suggests the three closest “best junkyards in Philadelphia” to you based on where you are.

Note that Google also provides you with two options on the map, “Top Rated” and “Open Now.”

When you click the “Open Now” option, you’re essentially asking Google to filter the best junkyards in Philadelphia that are open and ready to buy your junk car, truck, van, or RV.

Step 2: Learn More About Each Business

As a seller, you need a junkyard that pays the best price for your junk car, van, truck, or RV. An excellent way to filter through the options is to click on each company and read their reviews.

For example, Philadelphia has 54 reviews from customers who have sold junk cars to them. By clicking on their business listing, you see this. Google My Business Listing

The highlighted section in the “Google Review Summary” section is reassuring. You can click on the “More Google Reviews” section to read more reviews about them. Google My Business Listing

The company’s rating is also an important consideration. For example, a company with a 3.2-star rating doesn’t inspire as much confidence as one with a 5-star rating. Thankfully, Philadelphia has a 5-star rating corresponding to their good reviews. Google My Business Listing

Step 3: Contact the Business

We recommend that you go through a list of companies suggested in the search result for due diligence. Contact each company with a solid reputation and reassuring business profile.

To contact the business, you can either;

  • Call
  • Ask Google for direction
  • Save
  • Visit the business’ website GMB Listing

In our experience, calling the business is the best line of action, especially if you’re interested in a cash for cars instant quote. You can also visit the company’s website to see whether they offer online quotes for junk cars. Website Homepage

In the image above, you can see that offers instant quotes to their customers. For this company, you can either call them directly to speak to a representative or use the cash for cars online quote option.

Step 4: Seal the Deal

Once you’ve contacted the “best junkyard in Philadelphia,” as suggested by Google, you can request a quote and arrange pickup services.

Describe your car and its exact condition to ensure a realistic quote. Once you’ve received a quote, schedule pickup at your convenience and sell your car for cash.

Step 5: Leave Reviews

As a good citizen, you should be invested in helping others find the best junkyard in Philadelphia or other locations. You can do this by leaving a good review for the company on their business listing.

Leaving a review for them helps others find them better and ensures that more people get the best prices for their junk cars.

To leave a review, go back to your search engine and type the company’s name. You can also search for the company’s name on Google Maps. GMB reviews

Click on the ”Write a review” button and enter your honest review about their junkyard services. Ensure that you are detailed about the service, including whether they paid cash for your junk car, offered free towing, the driver’s professionalism, etc.

You can also add a few photos of the junk car you sold to them, then post your review online.

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