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A Foolproof Guide to Cash for Junk Cars Near Us

Are you having problems selling your junk car? Do you have specific questions about selling your scrap cars for cash? This detailed explainer breaks things down for you.
Owolabi Oluwasegun
Owolabi Oluwasegun
02/04/2022 · 7 min read
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Owning a vehicle eases your mobility, however, a faulty, damaged, or scrap car has lost its purpose. Junk cars minimize the use of your space and also constitute clutter on your property. A good way to address this problem, create space, and earn extra cash is to exchange your junk car for cash. The entire process requires proper planning and this article addresses the main questions you may have about junking your car.

How To Sell My Junk Car

There are several steps to take in the process of selling your junk car near me. This section simplifies the steps to help you get the best possible sale experience.

Find a licensed junk car buyer / salvage dealer

You need to find a reputable and reliable junk car buyer or salvage dealer that offers fair prices and has good customer service. Asking for recommendations from friends, colleagues, neighbors, or family members is advised. The chances are high that these people will recommend companies they’ve had good experiences with in the past. You can also do a simple internet search for “cash for junk cars near me” to see the list of options recommended. Look for a company that responds quickly and has great reviews from past clients when narrowing down your options. Companies with great reviews and high ratings are more likely to offer you the best prices for your junk car.

Have all vehicle information ready

While you are scouting for companies or places that buy junk cars, you should also ensure that all of the necessary paperwork for the junk car is available. Many junk car buyers will not buy from you except your paperwork is complete. You may need to call each company to ask what their buying process is and what the required paperwork is. Some of the required paperwork include; car title, make and model, year, body condition, mileage, engine condition, and signs of interior or exterior damage.

Receive a quote from junk car buyer / salvage dealers

Junk car buyers often evaluate the condition of your junk car and offer a price based on their assessment. This means that the quotes offered by two or more companies may be different. As a person looking to sell my junk car for cash, you’re better off contacting two or more buyers and requesting a quote from them. During this process, be sure to ask questions about towing of the vehicle – especially if it is inoperable, the cost, and who bears it.

Beware of salvage car buyers who offer juicy prices for scrap cars but later deduct other fees from it before payment is made.

Arrange a pickup time, complete sale paperwork, and get paid

After you’ve selected a company to sell to, arrange a pickup time that works for you. Most junk car buyers have their towing equipment and will come to you to finalize the process. They will often complete the sale paperwork on-site before the sale is completed and offer you cash for your scrap car. Beware of companies that offer checks or those that promise to pay at a later date. Ensure that the exchange is strictly scrap cars for cash.

Notify the DMV and insurance company of the sale

The final part of the sale process is deregistering the scrap car. You can do this by visiting the DMV website or their office. Be sure to also notify your insurer of the sale.

a badly damaged Toyota Corrola car

How To Prepare Your Junk Car For Sale

After having decided to sell your junk car and finding a reliable company to sell to, preparing your car for the sale process is next. Here are some of the things to pay attention to;

Remove all personal belongings

Be sure to remove all personal belongings from your junk car before the buyers arrive. To be sure that you have done this, inspect all areas including the glove compartment, the area under the seats, and other spaces. Make sure to do a thorough sweep of the car before handing it over.

Remove plates

You must, according to law, remove your license plates from your junk vehicle before it is transferred to the junk car buyers. The plates may be required by the DMV during the de-registration process.

Cancel your insurance

Selling your car to the junkyard or auto wrecker means one less cost to deal with. Call your insurance provider as early as possible to cancel the policy on the vehicle. This will save you from recurring payments.

Make sure a certified scale is used

All junk car buyers have a scale for weighing junk cars. Some buyers can be dishonest with their scale in a bid to cheat the seller. Be sure that the right scale is used and discuss the price per ton of metal before the weighing begins.

Two junk cars loaded for towing

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Junk Car

Selling your junk car for cash is a financially brilliant decision, however, some common mistakes can jeopardize your goal. Below are some of the common mistakes you should avoid when selling your junk car in Philadelphia or Long Island, NY.

Accepting vouchers and tips

Some junk car buyers offer tips and vouchers in place of real currency to junk car sellers. Be sure to ignore such offers and demand a full cash payment of what your vehicle is worth.

Towing costs

Most scrap car buyers offer free towing services as part of the purchase process. Never pass up a chance to save money by taking the offer. Avoid companies that charge extra costs to tow your scrap car.

Forgetting personal items

Be sure to search and re-search your junk car for personal belongings before handing it over to the junkyard. It may be hard to recover valuables that had been left in it after the sale.

Rushing to take the first bid

Auto wreckers, mechanics, and other scrap car buyers are looking to make a profit and may offer you an amount too low for your car. Be sure to do your proper research to avoid underselling.

Signing before payment

As a seller, make sure to collect the cash equivalent of the amount promised for your junk car before signing the scrap car over. Failure to do this can put you in a dicey situation.

Junk Car Sale FAQs

How much should I sell my junk car?

One of the commonest questions people looking to earn extra cash for junk cars near me ask is about the worth of their junk cars. Most junk car buyers pay anywhere between $100 and $1,500 for junk cars. The overall price offered will depend largely on the vehicle’s year, make, and model, its condition, whether or not it is operable, and whether it has been stripped of valuable parts. To avoid being cheated, the average pay for a junk car is $500, however, other factors may affect the overall amount offered by the buyer.

Should I keep my junk car?

There is no economic benefit to keeping a junk car on your property year after year. Vehicles lose a part of their value every year which means that you’ll command a lower amount by waiting. You should also consider that having a car requires you to pay insurance premiums and registration fees to DMV. You can easily save money by selling your junk car as soon as possible.

Who buys cars for cash?

There are many companies, physically and online, with the “we buy cars for cash near me” business tagline. However, the commonest buyers of junk or scrap cars are junkyards, scrap yards, auto wreckers, mechanics shops, and dealerships. If you are looking for where to junk a car near me, it may be best to contact any of these companies nearest to you for a quote.

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