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The Hidden Dangers of Selling Your Junk Car Unchecked

Selling a junk car may lead to legal troubles if not done correctly. Learn how to sell your car safely and avoid legal consequences by choosing a reputable company and obtaining proper paperwork.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown
04/23/2023 · 7 min read
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Selling your junk or inoperable car may seem like a simple task, but you could find yourself in a world of personal and legal trouble if you fail to take the proper steps. In this blog, we’ll discuss the potential consequences of choosing the wrong company and failing to obtain purchase sale paperwork when selling your junk car. We’ll also cover a scary scenario involving your car being used in a crime, emphasizing the importance of selling your vehicle the right way.

The Grave Consequences of Failing to Obtain Proper Paperwork 📝

The necessary paperwork is just as important as the junk car sale itself. It confirms you have sold the vehicle and are no longer in direct operation of it. It also transfers all future responsibilities over the junk car to the buyer.

You could face serious legal and financial issues If you don’t obtain the necessary paperwork and transfer the vehicle’s title after sale. Some common problems you may run into include:

  • Fines and penalties for parking tickets or other violations.
  • Liability for accidents and damages involving the vehicle.
  • Trouble purchasing another vehicle in the future.

A Terrifying Scenario: Your Junk Car Used in a Crime After Sale 😱

Imagine getting a knock on your door from the police regarding your old junk car’s involvement in a criminal activity. While you may have sold it, not completing the paperwork or transferring ownership means the vehicle still belongs to you.

Without proper documentation proving that you sold the vehicle, you could be considered a suspect or face legal proceedings. This nightmare can significantly affect your personal and professional life, it can also beam the spotlight into your once private life. You could avoid all that by choosing the right company a reputable company like to sell your junk car for cash.

Our team ensures that all your paperwork is vetted before the sale. We also ensure that necessary documentations are completed to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership while indemnifying you of risks following the sale. With this guarantee, you can sell your car fast, with ease, and for cash.

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Choosing the Wrong Company: A Risky Move ⚠️

Selecting an unreliable junk car removal service company may lead to incomplete or incorrect title transfers and potential legal or financial problems. Below are some common problems you may also face when you sell to a wrong cash car buyer.

False Junk Car Price Quotes 

False promises and incorrect quotes are among the commonest problems you can face when you choose the wrong salvage yard to buy your junk car. Some companies offer high junk car quotes on paper but negotiate the amount during the physical transaction. Such an experience can leave you upset and disappointed. It could also amount to time wastage, especially as you could have completed the sale with a reputable cash car buyer quicker and easier.

At, we ensure that each seller gets the right price quotes for their vehicle based on an in-house auction system. We offer you a trusted quote for your vehicle and will not negotiate the price further, provided your vehicle meets the description offered during the quote request process.

We are honest, straightforward, and transparent.

Vague Pricing Units

Another common problem junk car sellers face is vague units. Unreliable junkyards and junk car buyers often use vague units to cheat sellers of their car’s worth. If you’ve come across a junkyard asking how many pounds are in a ton, chances are high that you’re about to be cheated. This is because there are two kinds of tonnage when selling your scrap car; the net ton and the metric or long ton.

The net ton is 2,000 pounds, while the metric ton is 2,240 pounds. So, if you’ve answered 2,000 pounds in a ton, then you’ve been cheated out of at least 240 pounds of your car’s worth.

At, we avoid this vague unit and price discrepancies by valuing your vehicle based on its make, model, condition, and value. By doing this, we are not only considering the tonnage of your car but also the value it brings as an operable or inoperable vehicle.

Hidden Tow Charges

Most junk car sellers don’t know they bear the towing costs until they’ve sealed the deal with the junkyard they’re selling to. Such junkyards may charge between $50 and $75 or more for towing. The towing cost is deducted from the junk car’s value before payment.

As a seller, this can leave you angry, especially if you’ve included the money in your budget.

At, we help you avoid unforeseen deductions by providing FREE TOWING services for all junk car purchases. Rest assured that our drivers will pay you the quoted prices provided you have accurately represented your vehicle and its condition during the quote process.

Fake Coupons and Incentives

Some junk car buyers offer incentives through fake coupons or extra cash on the next sale. This incentive is often fake, especially as it is designed to take your mind off the current price offered for your junk car.

For example, you may be offered $500 for your junk car, including a $200 coupon redeemable when you sell your next junk car to the company. The coupon is often worthless, especially as the junk car buyer doesn’t expect you to have multiple junk cars for sale. There’s also a huge chance that the coupon would have expired when it’s time to sell the next car.

At, we do not offer fake promises or ridiculous incentives. We pay sellers the full cash value of their junk cars on the spot. We do this to ensure transparency and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Shady Payment Methods

Some unreliable junk car buyers offer payment in checks or promise online payments that never come through. This is one of the oldest scams in the book, as there’s a high chance that the check will bounce.

Here, we recommend getting cash payments for your transaction. It is the safest way to guarantee the sale.

Please Note: Never sign your car documents over to the junk car buyer before they have made the full payment for the car. Transferring ownership before getting paid can put you in a bad spot, especially as the junk car buyer can choose not to pay or to pay a lesser amount than agreed.

Pressure Sale

As a rule of thumb, never rush into selling your junk car.

At, we recommend avoiding junkyards or junk car buyers who put you under undue pressure to sell your car.

It’s also a red flag if the junk car buyer is acting like they’re doing you a favor.

We help you avoid these problems by offering a quote process that locks your quoted price for at least 15 days. This gives you the reassurance that you can come back to us, present your quote number, and we will honor the price agreement.  

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To protect yourself and make sure your junk car sale is safe and legal:

  • Choose a reputable company like, which prioritizes customer satisfaction and adheres to all legal requirements.
  • Obtain proper paperwork, including a bill of sale and title transfer, as proof of the transaction.
  • Report the sale to your local DMV as required by your state.

Selling your junk or inoperable car the right way is essential to avoid severe legal consequences. By following the correct steps and choosing a reputable company like, you can sell your car with confidence and peace of mind. Don’t let a simple mistake turn into a legal nightmare – sell your junk car the right way!

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