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3 Common Problems And Things To Do With Used Hybrid Cars

Figuring out how to get rid of used hybrid cars isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are steps you can take to maximize the price and sell it quickly.
Stephanie Lawrence
Stephanie Lawrence
10/31/2022 · 8 min read
3 Common Problems And Things To Do With Used Hybrid Cars 3 Common Problems And Things To Do With Used Hybrid Cars 3 Common Problems And Things To Do With Used Hybrid Cars

In the United States, hybrid car sales increased by 76% in 2021. And with the national gas prices at an all-time high, it’s a safe bet to presume that the popularity of economically-sound hybrid vehicles will continue rising in the future.

But while the hybrid vehicle price is becoming more accessible, that also means that more people will eventually have to figure out what to do with their used hybrid cars once they decide that it’s time to upgrade.

Hybrids are incredibly reliable, but they succumb to problems as well. In fact, there are even common hybrid car problems that eventually surface, which is when most people start looking for a way to offload the car for a fair market price while it’s still possible.

To help you figure out the best course of action with used hybrid cars, let’s explore typical problems you could expect, what to do with them, and whether you should recycle or scrap a hybrid car depending on the vehicle history and other factors.

What to Do With an Old Hybrid Car

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Used hybrids remain incredibly popular, even for many years after their manufacture date, and with high actual mileage numbers. That’s because used hybrid cars are typically extremely reliable and will be one of the best value buys considering the vehicle price.

So, if you have a used hybrid car you want to get rid of, you will have quite a few options to consider. But at the same time, your best solution for selling a hybrid will come down to your car’s current condition. Namely, hybrid cars for sale that have a battery that’s in good condition will be much more in demand, allowing you to list at a higher advertised price.

If your car is running well and is still in drivable condition, the online price you could potentially ask can end up being quite lucrative. Today, a gas tank for a car with bad fuel economy costs a lot, so many people are willing to pay a premium for a vehicle that will get them more bang for their buck.

One option is to sell through a private listing, which can give you a bigger pool of buyers that you can potentially work with. For this method to work, you’ll need to create a compelling description for the car, take pictures of its exterior and interior, and post the ad on multiple websites, such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Then, you’ll need to field offers from prospective buyers, show the car to multiple people, negotiate on the price, and finally have the opportunity to make the sale.

You could try this approach with run-down used hybrid cars with a bad battery, but you would have a harder time generating any interest.

Replacing hybrid batteries can cost thousands of dollars, even upwards of $6,000, so most prospective buyers will want to find out how well the battery was maintained through the service history, how it’s performing now, and whether it will need to be repaired or replaced in the near future.

If the battery is not in the best shape, that will have a significant impact on the hybrid vehicle’s price, especially if the current mileage is getting up there as well. Since replacing or repairing the battery is so costly, at some point, it might no longer be worth it, despite the excellent fuel economy that a well-running hybrid car can offer.

Luckily, there is a hassle-free way to sell used hybrid cars in any condition. If you work with a reputable junk car buyer, you can get an instant quote for your hybrid that reflects its fair market price. Then, you can set up a pickup time with a representative in your area and receive cash for the car in a matter of days or even hours.

If your car is still in good shape, you can get a great price that you will be happy with. But even if it has issues, you can still sell the car quickly and use the money you get on a new purchase.

Common Hybrid Car Problems

Hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius have become a symbol of a reliable, convenient, and great-value vehicle that offers an excellent driving experience for a fair purchase price. There are millions of happy owners of Prius cars in the United States alone, and the classic hybrid vehicle is not going anywhere anytime soon, especially when the cost of going to the gas pump often is as high as it is.

And yet, even though it’s arguably one of the more reliable cars ever made, the Prius and other hybrid cars such as the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid or the Ford Fusion Hybrid SE have drawbacks and common problems of their own, some of them unique and directly related to the fact that the cars use hybrid versions of propulsion.

Here are just a few of the common problems of used hybrid cars you should be aware of, both for informational purposes and for understanding how these issues can impact the vehicle price:

  • Two Drivetrains. One of the main principles of hybrid cars is that they use both an electric motor and an internal combustion motor to move forward. And even though the system is very sophisticated and works well, it also means that there are two drivetrains, which are used depending on the type of energy that is utilized at the moment. This means that you will have to deal with both the battery maintenance issues down the line, as well as the various internal combustion engine (ICE) issues that most regular cars eventually face.
  • Temperature Sensitivity. One of the biggest risks with hybrid (as well as electric) vehicles is that they are susceptible to extreme cold and hot temperatures. In case of very cold temperatures for prolonged periods, you will notice your car’s travel distance on a charge will become lower. And if it’s very hot or the cooling system malfunctions, that could cause severe damage to your battery, requiring it to be replaced much faster.
  • Catalytic Converters. Catalytic converter issues can be one of the most frustrating things to happen when owning a Prius. It will most likely happen eventually because of high mileage, but the rising costs of the precious metals used to make the part also means that hybrids are at constant risk of catalytic converter theft.

Can You Recycle Hybrid Cars

When it comes to recycling used hybrid cars, the process is relatively similar to recycling a regular vehicle that runs on an internal combustion engine. However, there’s one key difference that makes the process a bit more complicated when it comes to fully recycling a hybrid vehicle.

Namely, one of the main hybrid car features is its powerful lithium-ion batteries, which contain various highly toxic and environment-harming components that need to be handled with extra care. Luckily, regulations require the batteries to be recycled properly, which means you should have an easier time finding a scrap yard that can take on the challenge.

In fact, as the demand for the precious metals used to make lithium-ion batteries continues to rise at a rapid pace, most manufacturers will be focusing on getting as many reusable materials for the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles as possible. And for the consumer, that will mean a great opportunity when figuring out how to scrap a car for the most money.

How to Scrap a Hybrid Car

Figuring out how to scrap a hybrid car isn’t as simple as calling a scrap yard, arranging the payment details, and having them pick up the vehicle from you in a sales location that works both for the buyer and the seller. You also need to consider how to maximize your potential earnings while making the entire experience of finalizing a sale with a buyer as simple and convenient as possible.

At the same time, you need to make sure that you know what to remove from your car before you scrap it, including not just your personal belongings but also the plate numbers.

But when you work with a reliable and proven junk car buyer with a good track record, that removes a lot of the hassle of figuring out how much you need to charge or how much you need to prepare the car before the sale. A reputable buyer can walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you might have. In fact, they probably have an automated process that allows you to fill out the details and get a cash offer in minutes.

Therefore, the easiest way to scrap used hybrids you no longer need is to work with a service provider who will take the entire car off your hands. This will prevent you from having to worry about replacing or repairing the battery, recycling the car in a way that meets the current regulations, or anything else. Instead, you can get cash for your vehicle very quickly for a market price and move on to getting a newer car that you will actually need.

Bottom Line

With gas prices breaking records, it’s no surprise that many people are looking into buying a hybrid vehicle to help them reduce monthly expenses. And that’s why right now, used hybrid cars are in higher demand than ever before.

At this point, you should have a much better understanding of what to do with your used hybrid car and how to get rid of it in a way that’s convenient and profitable. Using a junk car service like CashforCars will provide you with the fastest and most hassle-free method for getting a fair market price for your car, no matter what condition your hybrid vehicle might be in.

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