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11 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Driving Your Junk Car

Should you be driving around in your junk car? Find out the dangers of driving junk cars in this guide.
Owolabi Oluwasegun
Owolabi Oluwasegun
11/04/2022 · 7 min read
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Should I Be Driving My Junk Car?

Wondering if you should be driving around in a car that should be sold to a junkyard?

The answer is no, you shouldn’t drive your junk car.

Driving a less-than-optimal car threatens your safety and puts other road users at risk. In the case of a junk car, that’s a lot of smoke you don’t want to be a part of.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are the reasons you shouldn’t be driving your junk car around.

11 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Driving Your Junk Car

Poor brakes

A car nearing the end of its useful life cannot be compared to one at the start or midway into its life. Safety-wise, your braking system is important to bring your car to a halt, and any problem with it can run you into the next car, object, or structure. More than this, older vehicle models have inferior braking systems compared to modern-day vehicles.

Considering the above safety issues, you’d agree that your junk car is one brake failure away from a safety incident.

Compromised structural integrity

A vehicle’s frame adds to its structural advantage. The frame keeps the driver and passengers protected in the event of an accident. Older vehicles often have lower frame strength due to rust, aging, and other factors. This means drivers and passengers are more at risk when driving around in such junk vehicles.

Adding to the compromised frame, drivers also have to deal with the compromised aesthetics of their vehicles due to rust and other aging factors. It may be best to sell such a car for cash to a junkyard and buy a better one other than exposing yourself and your loved ones to safety issues. Read our guide on how to scrap a car for money here.

Poor safety accessories

One of the biggest perks of selling your junk car for cash and buying a new one is access to passive safety accessories. Older junk cars often have compromised or absent airbags, knee bags, etc.

With newer vehicles, drivers can benefit from the sturdier vehicle structure and build, better safety accessories, improved production methods, and better value for money.

Poor comfort

As the name implies, junk cars don’t speak much about comfort or luxury. While driving around in your junk car may be cheaper, the attending problems, including health risks, are expensive to fix.

Most junk car owners can’t remember the last time they sat comfortably without hurting their backs or knees. More often than not, the car also has a bad heater or air conditioning, which adds to the pile of safety issues already registered.

You may be better off selling such a vehicle to avoid further worsening your joints, especially those of the knee, lower back, and neck. Here are 3 options for getting rid of a car that you don’t need.

Frequency of repairs and high maintenance costs

Older vehicles, especially those with thousands of miles, tend to break down more frequently. As a junk car owner, you’re more likely to visit the auto repair shop than other drivers. While the cost to repair the mechanical issues may not seem much each time you visit the mechanic, they do add up.

As a junk car owner, calculate the amount spent on repairs each month and then annually. You’d see that such an amount could have gone into buying a better vehicle with fewer repair needs. Even if you’ve done the repairs yourself, the time taken for each repair could have been put into other valuable tasks to earn you some more money.

From the financial standpoint, you’re better off selling the vehicle and buying a new one as it saves you costs both in the short and long run. Find out how to sell your junk car to a junkyard here.

Fuel efficiency

Gas is EXPENSIVE right now, and your junk car probably gets terrible gas mileage.

That means spending more money more often at the pump.

Not only is your low gas mileage old car bad for your wallet, but it’s bad for the environment too.

Older vehicles emit more carbon monoxide, which harms the environment and contributes to global warming, and more toxic gases we all have to breathe every day.

Selling your junk car for money and buying a newer car can help you reduce the emission rate, save you lots of money on gas, and ultimately improve your quality of life.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Do you feel lightheaded when driving around in your car? Do you constantly experience headaches? The chances are high that your junk car is poisoning you.

Consider this; your junk car probably has a bad heating and cooling system, so your windows are down throughout the drive. The engine itself is old with decreased fuel efficiency and an outdated combustion system leading to increased carbon monoxide production. At least a fraction of this poisonous gas gets into your car, and you inhale it, causing more harm to your health.

High risk of being stranded

Driving around in a junk car exposes you to many risks, including the risk of being stranded.

Your junk car can break down at any time, putting you in a bad situation that’ll cost a lot of money, from towing to fixing.

Don’t get stranded, and don’t risk getting stuck paying more to tow and fix your car than it’s even worth.

Potential fire hazards

Your junk car is mostly at the end of its useful life, meaning a lot has changed since the manufacturer assembled and shipped it out after production. These changes, whether under the hood or under the car itself, can expose you to fire hazards. One exposed wiring here, an uncovered lid cap there, and others can start a fire.

Environmental-friendliness and junk cars don’t mix.

Want a better environment with cleaner air and lush, green grasses? Dump your junk car now!

Your junk car does more to pollute the environment than you could ever imagine. The chances are high that it’s producing more pollution than is acceptable. The kicker is, it’s expensive to fix this problem, except you have some $2,000 lying around.

Even at that, it’s better to sell your junk car and add the proceeds to your $2,000 for a new car!

You would be contributing a lot to the environment and doing your part to prevent climate change simply by selling your junk car for a newer and better model.

You could get into trouble

Driving a salvage car could get you into a lot of trouble. You could be pulled over, ticketed, and worse still, the vehicle may be impounded. There’s also the bit about insurance. Getting insurance for a salvage vehicle could be difficult and expensive.

That’s a whole lot of trouble you don’t want.

You are better off selling your junk or salvage vehicle for some extra cash, saving yourself from extra trouble.

Bottom Line

You’re better off without risks that can potentially harm you or wipe out your savings. At, we help you avoid these common dangers and problems by buying junk cars at great prices, affording you the opportunity to earn extra cash on your old and damaged vehicles.

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